Principal Investigator

Dr. Hoseon Lee 

Phone: 470.578.5133
Office: Q-343 (KSU - Marietta campus)

Lab Pictures and Students



  1. Sam McWhorter | GTRI

  2. Moe Al-hawwari | Enercon, Inc. 

  3. Justin Keener | Northrop Grumman Corporation

  4. Raheem Penny | Boeing
  5. Alexis Becerra | UPS Corporation

  6. Matt Solon | Motorola Solutions

  7. Bryan Love | Lockheed Martin

  8. Nick Foster | Graduate program, Georgia Tech 
  9. Kazeem Olorunlambe | Harris Corporation

  10. Santiago Arango | NCR Corporation
  11. Miguel Rivera | Honeywell Aerospace

  12. Rohit Nadgauda | ECE graduate program, Georgia Tech

  13. Nick Su | ECE graduate program, Georgia Tech

  14. Yehowshua Immanuel | Transferred to Georgia Tech undergraduate program

  15. James Copenhaver | United Launch Alliance

  16. Adam Tan | Graduate student, Georgia Tech

  17. Adrian Ruth | Georgia Tech Research Institute

  18. Sohail Nouraei | P Marshall & Associates

  19. Sean Chen | Huawei Mobile

  20. Wesley Dobbins | Pond & Company

Graduate Students 


Jordan Kaptue


Nikita Talole

Achevi Kuri

Afzal Fazal

Andrew Kazemian

Alan Kazemian

High School Student (STEM Internship)

Sara Makboul (Fall 2019): Blue-tooth based indoor tracking systems for patients in hospitals and items in warehouses. Used angle-of-arrival (AOA) to calculate angle and distance from bluetooth reader to the tracking device. Texas Instruments (TI) antena, reader, and passive devices were used. (Kennesaw Mountain High School) [presentation slides]

sara makboul 

Michael Jung (Fall 2018): Arduino-based solution for displaying the cell count from electrical signals induced by a microfluidic solenoid for a low-cost, highly portable device to count white blood cells. (Kennesaw Mountain High School)


Omari Hodge (Spring 2016): Interdigitated capacitors using conductive ink on flexible paper substrate in conjunction with Arduino microcontroller to sense and measure moisture. (Kennesaw Mountain High School)

omari hodge