Our research is fundamentally based on applied electromagnetics, and topics vary from biosensors utilizing nanomaterial to wireless energy harvesting. Check out our different research projects for more information.   

Lab News

Summer 2019: 

  • Tier III GRA position open for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Tuition waiver up to 12 hours and a stipend of $5,500 per  semester. 
    • Position is developing an Android/Apple app to communicate with wireless hardware devices for healthcare and supply chain logistics. 
    • Email hoseon.lee@kennesaw.edu with resume and transcript. 

Fall 2018: 

  • Congratulations to Michael and Joseph for being awarded the URCA grants ($700 each)
    for their travel to the 2018 MNM conference to present their paper. 

  • Congratulations to Michael Nolan and Joseph Lee for their publication being accepted: 
    "Feasibility Study of a Microfluidic Solenoid for Discrete Quantitation of Magnetized Cells" has been accepted for presentation at the EMBS Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine Conference 2018. 

  • New directed study opportunities for Spring 2019
    • Improving the model for blood, cells, ions, and blood vessels using COMSOL multiphysics simulation software. 
    • Literature review on wireless communication of brain waves. 
    • If interested, please send resume to my email: hoseon.lee@kennesaw.edu

Summer 2018:

  • GRA position open for Spring 2019
    • EE, MTRE, ME, Physics, and CS majors are welcome to apply. 
    • Skills in any one of the following: 
      • Circuit simulation: ADS, LTSpice, or similar
      • COMSOL multiphysics simulation
      • Solidworks or AutoCAD for 3D modeling (for 3D printing)
      • App design/development (CS majors)
    • If interested, please send resume to my email: hoseon.lee@kennesaw.edu 
  • Research featured on University System of Georgia homepage

usg wbc

Spring 2018:

2018 NCUR Conference (National Conference on Undergraduate Research)


Miles and Bryan (left to right) giving a poster presentation at the NCUR conference at the University of Central Oklahoma, on far-field wireless power transfer system, with a transmitter design and a receiver including a charge pump and an ultra low-power boost converter.  


Fall 2017:

  • Publication submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques has been accepted.

2017 EPA P3 Expo (P3: People, Prosperity, Planet)


Dr. Lee, Miguel, and Rohit (left to right) representing Kennesaw State University at the national EPA Expo in Washington D.C. on their research on far-field wireless power transfer with a focus on the RF-DC charge pump design. 


Related publications:

R Nadgauda, H Lee, W Thain, B Diong, "1 GHz charge pump with ultra-low power boost converter for increased output voltage", International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, 2018 (accepted).