Welcome to Dr. Lee's Research Lab!   

Our research is fundamentally based on applied electromagnetics, and topics vary from biosensors utilizing nanomaterial to wireless power transfer for near-field or far-field applications. See the Research section for more details regarding current research projects. 

Lab News

Spring 2018:

  • Federal research grant, EPA P3 Phase II has been funded. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • Our research and research group in the news! http://news.kennesaw.edu/stories/2018/white_blood_cell_counter.php

  • Congrats to Nick Su and Rohit Nadgauda for acceptance into the ECE graduate program at Georgia Tech!

  • IEEE AP-S paper accepted. Congrats and thanks to all students and faculty involved!

2018 NCUR Conference (National Conference on Undergraduate Research)


Miles and Bryan (left to right) giving a poster presentation at the NCUR conference at the University of Central Oklahoma, on far-field wireless power transfer system, with a transmitter design and a receiver including a charge pump and an ultra low-power boost converter.  


Fall 2017:

  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques has been accepted.

2017 EPA P3 Expo (P3: People, Prosperity, Planet)


Dr. Lee, Miguel, and Rohit (left to right) representing Kennesaw State University at the national EPA Expo in Washington D.C. on their research on far-field wireless power transfer with a focus on the RF-DC charge pump design. 


Related publications:

R Nadgauda, H Lee, W Thain, B Diong, "1 GHz charge pump with ultra-low power boost converter for increased output voltage", International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, 2018 (accepted).